Advisory Committees: IJIS Technology and Architecture Committee (ITAC)

The mission of the IJIS Institute’s Technology and Architecture Committee (ITAC) is to provide information to industry and practitioners regarding technologies, architectures, and standards that enable the successful adoption of the technology and sharing or enterprise use of information. The committee focus is on topics that are innovative, emerging, underpublicized, and not universally understood within the public-sector community. ITAC will become a technology thought leader to educate government, national standards practice associations, and research/academic organizations as well as raise awareness and understanding within the community of industry. The committee’s work with the technologies and standards is intended to help government and industry drive innovation, increase success, and reduce risk, contributing to sophisticated and powerful technology tools today and in the future.

Chair: Anil Sharma, IBM

Vice-chair: TBD

Secretary: TBD

Staff Liaison: Alex McAdoo, Communications Specialist, IJIS Institute

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