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  • Advisory Committees »

  • Advisory committees are chartered by the IJIS Institute Board of Directors to provide input and recommendations to the Institute and to other organizations on specific topical areas not related to a single project or task. Although both Members and Associates may serve on advisory committees, only Member companies are eligible to chair these committees. The chair of each committee is appointed by the chairman of the Board of Directors, and each chair appoints the committee members.
  • Standing Committees »

  • Standing Committees are designed to carry on and facilitate the work of the Board of Directors in its governance of the Institute. They are responsible for the continuing design and development of policies and for specific functions related to the operations of the IJIS Institute. Current standing committees exist for the following functions: Audit, Executive, Finance, Funding Development, Governance, Grievance, Membership, and Personnel.
  • Task Forces »

  • The IJIS Institute convenes short-term task forces and working groups to investigate and address pressing issues impacting the justice, public safety and homeland security communities. These groups bring together industry, nonprofit, and government stakeholders to recommend solutions and/or define next steps that may be accomplished by follow-on project committees. Active task forces and working groups include:
  • Working Groups »

  • IJIS Institute Advisory Committees have working groups to handle specific topics and deliverables and task forces to tackle shorter-term issues. Both working groups and task forces will report to the Advisory Committee to which they belong.