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IJIS Institute Members are making a difference! Together we are driving public-sector technology innovation and empowering information sharing to promote safer and healthier communities.

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Join the IJIS Community.

Does your company provide public sector technology solutions and services? By becoming an IJIS Institute Member, you will receive educational, networking and business opportunities, as well as branding benefits and collaborate with government leadership. As an IJIS member, you will have the opportunity to help stakeholder communities facilitate mission-critical technology advancement and information sharing and safeguarding. See our current Member list here.

Are you an employee of a government agency? By becoming an IJIS Institute Associate, you help inform the technology industry about mission needs, and you will gain access to a broad range of expertise, thought leadership, promising practices and lessons learned on current and emerging technologies, and national scope issues. 

Support provided by member companies and associates helps the IJIS Institute continue its work, and as a memer of our community, you and your employees help advance the Institute's mission. 

IJIS Member Benefits

IJIS Member Categories

Member companies and their employees are the backbone of the IJIS Institute and receive a number of Member benefits, including: 

  • Opportunities to strengthen relationships with your markets and with public- and private-sector stakeholders, as well as the opportunity to build new customer relationships and identify market trends
  • Formation of strategic alliances for new and continued business opportunities by connecting with private, public, nonprofit, and academic partners working in the same space
  • Opportunities to participate in thought leadership activities in public-sector technology and information sharing policy, processes, and standards
  • Learning how to build new standards and processes through engagement forums that best meet the public-sector clients' needs
  • Attendance at events, committee activities, and access to resources that help your company navigate emerging technologies
  • Membership discounts towards events and other member-only resources

Additionally, each member company may register an unlimited number of its employees working within the organization to receive IJIS Institute member benefits. 

General Membership

Annual dues are based on the member company's overall gross annual revenues. 

 * Following the two year membership period for a start-up company, the renewal transitions to a one-year membership at the appropriate revenue-based level.

Our Members abide by the IJIS Institute Members' Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, encouraging and promoting honest, ethical, and integrity-based business dealings with practitioners, members of academia, and fellow member companies serving public-sector communities and fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.

Sustaining Membership

A sustaining membership provides companies a more significant and tangible way to support the IJIS Institute's mission and its programs. Through your sustaining membership, you will support our national scope committees, special projects, industry briefings, industry white papers and analysis, and member meetings. The annual cost for a Sustaining Membership is $18,000. 

Associate Membership

IJIS Institute welcomes current employees from government agencies engaged in advancing public sector technology and information sharing in IJIS areas of focus to join as an Associate Member. Associate Membership is free. 

Membership Information Toolkit

This document is designed to help you communicate the value of IJIS membership to your company or agency leaders or other decision makers in your organization.