Springboard Certification
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Springboard is a Consensus Standards Testing Cooperative managed by the IJIS Institute. Springboard provides a certification testing program designed to advance information sharing within and across stakeholder jurisdictions and professions by working with sponsor organizations to evaluate, test, and certify information sharing and interoperability solutions.

Springboard is not another Standards Development Organization (SDO) – IJIS works with existing SDOs, government organizations, and de-facto standards groups to enable industry to implement and test standards-based solutions by leveraging Springboard process and technology assets.

Information sharing in justice, public safety, and homeland security organizations is mission critical. Advancing our information sharing goals requires a proven approach to help industry, government, and practitioners apply open standards, and a process and technical framework to test and certify their use. Springboard is here to meet that need.

To achieve the Springboard mission of advancing justice, public safety, and homeland security information sharing, technology integration, and compatibility in a consensus-based, open standards test and implementation process, we do the following:

  • Engage sponsors to drive Springboard initiatives.
  •  Form consensus-based governance bodies across industry, government, and practitioner jurisdictions and professions.
  • Leverage industry requirements and expertise to examine, improve, and institutionalize standards-based approaches to technology integration and data sharing.
  • Leverage best practices in the execution of Springboard initiatives.
  • Administer independent and authoritative conformity assessment and certification.
  • Assure stewardship of standards and Springboard initiative work products.
  •  Increase the rate of adoption of national standards and best practices.
  • Promote government agency adoption of new standards that were subject to an inclusive, rigorous process and are being supported by industry.

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The Springboard process is designed to be transparent, agile, and low cost, providing a testing sandbox and a certification process for information sharing and interoperability solutions. Springboard certification allows the certification holder to demonstrate leadership and competitive advantage and helps organizations increase their effectiveness, responsiveness, and transparency.

Springboard Certification Initiatives include:

  • Evaluation and certification of implementations of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Information Exchange GRA Service Specification.
  • Evaluation and certification of implementations of the OASIS Electronic Court Filing Standard.
  • Computer-aided Dispatch interoperability standard.

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How can the Springboard Certification Program help you meet your certification and testing needs? Contact us at springboard@ijis.org. Download the Springboard Certification Program executive overview and the Springboard overview presentation for more information about Springboard.